​I’m half immersed in death

only my sight remains,

a portal to this world.

The world which has gifted me,

all shades of blues.

I take time

to immerse my other half in.

I want to take time.

But I’m running out of it, 

one thought at a time.

A swarm of thoughts engulf 

my petty brain.

Why don’t they leave me now?

What do they want now?

As my nostrils meet the water,

I take a last look at the world.

I give a last look to the world.

I see, for the last time.

I show my eyes to the world, for the last time. 

I try to memorise the pastels and bright hues of this world

Hoping to add them in my palette in some other world.

And so I am completely immersed.

-by Shambhavi